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South-bound newcomers to this part of the Italy will discover that Vico Equense is the first town to welcome them on the Sorrento Peninsula. Perched atop a rocky promontory, the town’s ownership of land stretches across 30 km of coastline with a scattering of charming ancient hamlets to dot the landscape.  Nature’s rendition of surf-and-turf and man-made structures stand out vividly amid vistas of the open sea or crags and headlands. It is no exaggeration to say that Vico Equense’s distinctive interlacing of natural and cultural beauty make it a unique destination for even the most discerning tourist.

The beaches of Seiano and Vico offer romantic sunset views, and during the summer months many activities and entertainment. The seabed opposite Vico’s waterfront (roughly 600 meters from the coast) is home to the shallow known as “Banco di Santa Croce”, famous amongst national and international divers clubs for offering incredible underwater landscapes (it is a biologically protected denominated area).

The coast is rich with beaches and bays, and the lush green hilltops are covered in vineyards and lemon groves, and farmhouses and dairy factories where the famous “provolone del Monaco” cheese is produced and sold – we are, after all, on the Lattari mountain range which gets its name from the sheep and cattle farms (“latte” being the Italian word for “milk”).

As the hills’ elevation rises to make way for the Monte Faito (standing at 1,400 meters above sea level), we are greeted to a breath-taking view of the Gulf of Naples and the Vesuvius.  On offer along the Mountain’s trails are idyllic excursions, fun open-air sports, and good places to eat local specialities and meals. Accommodations are on the rise too.

Vico Equense is just a few kilometres away from Sorrento (10 km), Pompeii (18 km) and Positano (21 km), as well as many other cultural and prestigious tourist destinations in Campania. These include Ercolano (32 km), Naples (40 km) and the Amalfi coast (50 km). And from Marina di Seiano, between the months of April and October, there are boat services that take you to Capri (20 km) in just 40 minutes.

Thanks to its strategic location, the town is the ideal destination for anyone looking to have a relaxing beach or hillside vacation whilst being able to visit some of the most sought-after historical sites in the world.

Praised by writers and poets since the 18th century, Vico Equense was on the destination list of many travellers looking for artistic and natural treasures during the golden age of the Grand Tour – treasures that are still there for us to enjoy to this day.

Gaetano Filangieri and Giambattista della Porta are just some of the many illustrious figures who lived in Vico Equense, contributing to the birth of the town's cultural and artistic growth The many churches and museums found along the territory piece together the town’s history.

Vico Equense’s track record of gastronomic delights is not one to be questioned! All the cultivations along fields and hillsides speak of centuries-old food traditions and cheese-making. Always treasured, they meld with contemporary culinary takes and make Vico Equense one of Italy’s top-notch food and wine destinations. The town prides itself on its world-class quality dining experience, winner of several prestigious international accolades. The Michelin Guide star has been awarded many times to the town's restaurants: Gennaro Esposito's La Torre del Saracino, Peppe Guida's Antica Osteria Nonna Rosa, and Maxi at Hotel Capo La Gala.

There are over 150 restaurants, pubs and pizzerias where to eat, drink and celebrate, and its many marvellous locations make Vico the perfect setting for a wedding.

The range of accommodation options is ample, with a charming mix of modern and reliable structures that vary from hotels (3 – 4 and 5 stars) to B&Bs, to rental homes and camping structures – all located around the territory's hilltops and mountains, and along the coastline.  Rounding off the touristic experience are the town centre and the surrounding small hamlets, home to artisans and merchants (for those looking to do a bit of shopping)

Noteworthy events that take place in town are the “Festa a Vico” (a chef's feast) and the “Pizza a Vico”, whose proceeds are donated to charity. The year's calendar is rich with many other events dedicated to music, theatre and open-air film screenings.

The gastronomic tours and seaside activities are the perfect accompaniment to a holiday experience that make Vico Equense an unforgettable destination.



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