For centuries the Marina of Vico has been the city's safe harbor since the pre-Roman era. In the Augustan age the Sorrento coast saw the flourishing of numerous leisure villas. Ruins of a villa and water pipes are evident in the nearby plain of Aequa while, halfway up the coast, on the marina of Vico, there are few remains of a maritime construction. The road, very scenic with views of the “Angioino” castle and Vesuvius, leads directly to the small village square where the church dedicated to the Holy Trinity is located. In the seventeenth century fishermen, sailors and boat owners set up a mutual aid company to help those who needed it in difficult times. It was the fishermen who, on May 5, 1686, welcomed the boat from Naples who carried the relics of Saints Cyrus and John, patrons of the city, a gift from the Jesuit fathers. Even today, fishermen carry the two saints in procession on the occasion of the celebrations in their honor. The marina of Vico is easily accessible in a few minutes from the city center. During summer, EAV bus are more frequent and guaranteed (bus timetables). The beach is sandy and features water springs. Many are the restaurants and beach clubs from which you will be able to gaze at the "scoglio della Tartaruga" and "scoglio della Margherita"


The Seiano marine, also known as Marina d’Aequa, is a little fishermen village, rich with historical evidence dating back to the roman and pre-roman period. The beaches, mostly made of sand and pebbles, are sea connections and they are placed one on the right and the other one on the left of the tourist port. From April to October, thanks to the sea connections, it’s possible to get to the beautiful Capri island (it’s possible to buy the tickets on place). The Seiano marine is the only tourist port in the Vico Equense city, and is connected to the city centre thanks to a E.A.V. bus service (E.A.V. Bus timetable) Among the most important historical sites of this village, we can find the Caporivo Tower, that was part of the city’s defensive system, and, not far from the Marina d’Aequa place, there’s the Saint Anthony’s Church. The 13 of June, the residents celebrate the saint and they carry a statue with a solemn procession. The saint is venerated with a long procession by sea where many various boats participate. The Marina d’Aequa, ideal destination for a walk by the water's edge, is home to renowned accommodations, restaurants and bars.
Since 2020 Vico Equense has the Blue Flag, one of the world’s most recognised voluntary eco-labels awarded by FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) to beaches, marinas, and sustainable boating tourism operators.


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