Banco di Santa Croce

Banco di Santa Croce is the name of the seabed opposite Vico Equense.  Located at roughly 600 meters seawards, at mid-point between the coastal arch of Punta Orlando and Torre Angellara, this 10 meter-deep underwater landform is a haven for marine lovers and divers alike. Its incredibly rich plant and marine life account for the shoal’s unchallenged reputation as number one for biodiversity in the area.  Its attractions are well known amongst divers clubs both in Italy and overseas, and the site has often been mentioned in scientific publications.

The site was declared a biologically protected area (Zona di Tutela Biologica) by the Ministerial Decree D.M 15 June 1993 and, as of February 2017, the care, upkeep and protection of the site was officially handed over to the town of Vico Equense by the State. The site in question falls under the following coordinates: the stretch of sea along the seabed of Vico Equense, at exactly 0.3 miles from the coast; central position at long. 14°25’56” and lat. 14°25’56”, and relative extension with a circumference radius of 150 Mt, equivalent to Sqm 70.650,00.


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