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  Another itinerary, parallel to the previous one but at a slightly higher altitude, extends from Massaquano to the springs of Capo d’Acqua, going through San Salvatore and the town of Trina del Monte. The points of interest here are many, artistically with the chapel of Santa Lucia, and historically as it is part of the ancient road that connected Castellamare di Stabia to Positano. Many are the landscapes and nature views that can be enjoyed: views of the Gulf of Naples, the spring in the Mediterranean bush that in the springtime is inhabited by toads and newts, here in their natural reproductive habitat. After crossing the Rivo d’Arco, the via Minerva went beyond the rocky cape of Punta Scutolo in the vicinity of the casale di Alberi, in a natural passage inhabited by Montechiaro and the hilltop of Camaldoli. From Alberi begins a short but interesting pathway: it goes up the olive groves to the hill of Camaldoli, where one can admire the splendid view of the Piana di Sorrento, as well as the remains of an ancient Hermitage of Camaldoli which later became Villa Giusso. Camaldoli can also be reached from a road off via Raffaele Bosco, in the vicinity of Arola: the first bit of the trail is steeply downhill, but gradually becomes flatter where it is flanked by chestnut trees then olive trees. The hilltop, proudly represented by Monte Comune, is of limestone rock and measures 877 mt. The northern facing slopes are covered in chestnut trees, used for timber and to make the typical baskets and “pagliarelle” – wooden frames filled with straw which were once used to protect the delicate citrus fruit plants from the winter frost. Monte Comune can be reached through trails or mule tracks that start from various fractions of the hillside of Vico Equense: from Arola, Preazzano, Ticciano and from Santa Maria del Castello. All these itineraries are fascinating and rich of interesting nature, like chestnut forests and meadows which in the springtime deliver blooms of anemones, Apennine Anemones, daffodils (Narcissus poeticus), crocuses (Crocus imperati) and many orchid species.

From the top of Mount Comune the view is wonderful, spacing from the gulf of Naples to the one of Salerno, from the Vesuvius to the isles of Ischia and Capri, all the way to Punta Licosa. From Arola begins another itinerary that goes to the top of the Mount Vico Alvano, with an altitude of 642 metres above sea level. It is in the area of Piano di Sorrento, and offers an equally beautiful view of over Positano. Other itineraries branch out from it: one goes to Positano along a mule track which, until the first half of the 19th century, was the only way via land that connected this town to the others in the Sorrento peninsula. Another trail along the foothills of the Conocchia mount leads to an ancient forestry barrack. It coincides with other trails known as “trail of the Gods” because of the view that spaces from Capri to Positano, which is the perfect setting for such uncontaminated nature, rich with the aromas of the Mediterranean bush.


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