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The Church was probably founded between 1320 and 1330 by bishop Giovanni Cimmino, who transferred here the Episcopal seat, which until then was located in Marina d’Equa. It is the unique example of sacral architecture in gothic style in Costiera Sorrentina. It has been subjected to restoration works for centuries until 26 august 1995, when the church was open to worship again, after a twenty-year closure. The facade dates back to the XVIII century and it was restored by bishop Paolino Pace, while the bell tower (XVI century) was restored by the intellectual bishop , Mons. Paolo Regio. Inside, the sacristy is covered by frescoes representing the bishops of the city and commissioned by Mons. Pace in 1788. The jurist Gaetano Filangieri's tomb can be seen in the church, while a large 18th century canvas portraiting the Assumption has been set in the middle of central nave. An interesting exhibition on the history of the building and of the Vico Equense diocese is displayed throughout the large underground gallery. The church, due its location and beauty, is a perfect place to celebrate weddings.


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Address: Via Vescovado


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