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The magical town of Vico Equense, located along the famous Sorrento Coast, lies between sea, mountains, hills and thermal springs. Divided into 13 hamlets, each one tells different stories and traditions, and because of its wide variety of landscapes and cultures, Vico Equense can offer different experiences all year round, not limiting itself to being just a summer destination thanks to its fantastic beaches with crystal clear water. Among museums, mountain and hill itineraries with breathtaking views and wellness, in Vico Equense you can do the most varied activities. Let's discover together the activities to do and the events to attend in Vico Equense in autumn, when the landscapes become painted in the warm colours typical of this season, offering unforgettable views.


Visiting the museums of Vico Equense

The municipality of Vico Equense offers a wide choice for what concerns art and culture. When the climate starts to cool down in autumn, you can dedicate yourself to discovering the rich history that characterises the town. The Museum Antiquarium "Silio Italico" houses about 200 finds belonging to various civilisations, including the Greek, Etruscan and Italic ones, evidence of the ancient urban settlement that was present in the area between the 7th and 3rd centuries BC.


The Museum of Cinema of the Sorrento Peninsula, on the other hand, is a permanent exhibition that collects images, posters, period documents and multimedia evidence related to the important film tradition of Vico Equense and the Sorrento Peninsula. At the Convent of San Vito there is, instead, the Museum of Sacred Art. Another museum to visit is the Mineralogical Museum of Campania, one of the most important scientific museums of the whole region. Moreover, the museum has been the cultural promoter of the important Capo d'Orlando Prize since 1999.

The annual “Capo d'Orlando” Scientific Prize

This year in October, the 23rd edition of the "Capo d'Orlando" Scientific Prize will be held in Vico Equense, an excellent reason to visit the Campania municipality to coincide with this famous event. Since 1999, thanks to the commitment and dedication of Dr. Umberto Celentano, director of the Mineralogical Museum of Campania, the cultural body that promotes the prize, every year the award is given to those who have made a fundamental contribution in the field of scientific and cultural research. In fact, over the years the prize has been awarded and collected by no less than 16 Nobel Prize winners, including John F. Nash, Riccardo Giacconi, James D. Watson, Paul Krugman, Andre Geim, Venki Ramakrishnan, Paul Nurse and May Britt Moser.


The Capo d'Orlando Prize is named after the coastal and fossiliferous of the town of Vico Equense, where several fossilised fish have been found, one of which is the symbol reproduced on the plaque awarded to the winners each year. A visit to the town during the event would be a great opportunity for both enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts. But let's continue to discover together what other activities you can do in Vico Equense during the autumn months.


Walking through the hills and mountains of Vico Equense

The municipality of Vico Equense is characterised by numerous paths, suitable for both expert walkers and families, which amaze anyone who walks through them thanks to the breathtaking landscapes among the thick Mediterranean vegetation, with incredible views of the sea. From Massaquano, the oldest hamlet in Vico, to Monte Faito, the highest point in the municipality, there are many itineraries throughout the entire territory. Walking along these paths during the autumn months will be a cure-all for the spirit and the body, avoiding the strong summer heat and offering incomparable sights, when the leaves of the trees begin to turn orange and red.


Monte Faito, which belongs to the Monti Lattari mountain chain, is the ideal place for anyone who wants to take a walk while breathing in the scent of holm oaks and chestnut trees, passing through charming woods and admiring the priceless views of the coastal area and of the splendid Gulf of Naples. Precisely on this mountain during the months of October and November, families and local inhabitants gather in the woods to dedicate themselves to harvesting the typical product par excellence of this area: the chestnut.


Dedicating yourself to your wellness at the Scrajo Thermal Baths

When the weather does not allow you to dive into the crystal-clear waters of the Sorrento Coast, where Vico Equense is located, as an alternative you can immerse yourself in the warm and curative waters of the Scrajo Thermal Baths. Vico Equense boasts one of the most famous thermal areas in Campania, Scrajo, which is nestled between the Lattari Mountains and the Gulf of Naples, overlooking one of the most evocative and breathtaking views of the Sorrento Peninsula. It is home to one of the most complete and avant-garde thermal facilities, complete with wellness centres, a private beach with splendid sulphurous waters and restaurants and hotels overlooking the sea.


Here, it will be easy to enjoy the last warm rays of sunshine before the arrival of winter, letting yourself be pampered by the warmth of the thermal waters and the treatments available in the local hotels. Moreover, the sulphurous waters containing sodium chloride, bromide and iodide, which spring at Scrajo, combine the properties of sulphurous waters and waters containing sodium chloride, bromide and iodide, conferring therapeutic effects on the entire organism, especially the respiratory, osteoarticular, circulatory, skin and gynaecological systems.










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